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The PhotoNuance web site is gaining momentum. Many pages and a few Portfolio sections are now ready for viewing. PhotoNuance is based in Denver, Colorado.
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Aesthetic Photo Art and Photography Services
The PhotoNuance web site will gradually become a tour de force showcasing hundreds of my estimated thirty thousand images. I've been putting my photographs on the Internet since 1996. But this will be my first professional online photography gallery.

The Photographer - Fifty Years Later
My exposure to photography goes back to darkroom observation at age six in 1957. Around age 13 in 1964, first lady Ladybird Johnson posed for me in a hotel elevator. I took up photography briefly at age 19 and then studied it in college at age 22 in 1974. Photography became a regular and prolific activity for me by 1987. Then it became a full blown obsession by 2003 as the digital revolution gained momentum. I adhere to my own rules of engagement learned through decades of experimentation. My photography is now focused on the sale of works and the organization of my vast archive. I work primarily in 35mm digital and 35mm film photography. I may be working in medium format soon. For many years, I have also aspired to make films.

< Cemetery Rainbow, Riverside Cemetery, Denver, circa 1993

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PhotoNuance will offer many of my best photos for sale as prints with prices to be posted. However, my photography service is also available on a limited basis for select clients in Denver, Colorado and worldwide. Serving the general public, the arts community, theater, entertainment industry, fashion, print media, commercial and wedding clients.

I am available for a wide variety of assignments including creative portraits, families, children, pets, events, the performing arts, weddings, publicity, fashion, album covers, model portfolios, head shots, illustration images, architecture, fine estates and gardens, industrial images, documentaries and product photography. I am available for expense-paid travel assignments. I mainly do professional digital photography. I am also an experienced videographer.

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