PhotoNuance endeavors to display online photography and content in a way that's pleasing to the eye. Follow these instructions if you want the optimum viewing experience.

Sizing Your Browser
PhotoNuance will browse fine as long as your monitor is set like most monitors to at least 800 x 600 pixels. Typically, a monitor resolution setting higher than 800 x 600 will make all web sites look much better by making them more narrow but longer vertically. Most web designers design a web site for 800 gross pixels of horizontal viewing minus about 37 pixels for left and right edges of a common browser such as Explorer, leaving 763 net pixels. A good professional web site uses a 753 pixel wide design standard to allow for a slight margin of error.

PhotoNuance recommends using a high monitor resolution setting such as 1280 x 854 or 1024 x 768. The basic low-res 800 x 600 setting will take up your whole screen and make you need to scroll up and down more. It's only good for people with vision problems or tiny screens.

  • horizontal - Drag the right edge of your web browser open horizontally until you see the blue arrow at right edge (above text body). If the blue neon bar is missing from left side of page or broken at top area, then your browser is not fully open.

  • vertical - The ideal vertical size of any web site is the maximum you can drag it open at the bottom.

Navigation -

  • returning to home page - There are several ways to return to the home page from any inside page. Click the word PhotoNuance or Home from the top mentu bar. Or click any PhotoNuance logo.

  • thumbnails - You can click many of the thumbnails in this web site to see an enlargement of a photo. You can click an enlargement to return to the last page where you were.

  • menus - There are three main menus.The top bar is a limited menu that is always present and does not disappear. The home page menu is essentially a complete menu. The Site Map is the most detailed and descriptive menu. The Portfolio Index page also has a menu of many sections.

That's it. You've passed the course.

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