For Special Clients

Given that my primary occupation is producing and self-directing my own photographic art and selling prints, as well as being a busy writer, my devotion goes first to the art of photography and then to those patrons who support it by purchasing my prints.

My photography is also offered as a service to clients. I accept clients only on a limited basis. I prefer to work with clients who are impressed with my portfolio after having looked at the work of many other professional photographers. And I enjoy serving clients who understand and share some of my artistic ideas.

  • 35mm digital and film photography - PhotoNuance photographic specialties include portrature, unusual character studies, aspiring talent, couples, families, pets, weddings, events, estates, homes & gardens, interiors, architecture, historical, documentary, art developments, theater, entertainment publicity, culture, subculture, ethnic, motivational images, scholastic studies, objects, catalog images, art catalogs, technical images and commercial images for advertising. Primary photographic interest areas are art, theater, humanism and surrealism although I do not create photographic master stage sets. My particular art backround is a foundation that led to an understanding of composition in terms of perspective, color balance, shadow and shade, motion and other image dynamics including individual visual character and nuance both conscious and subconscious. Photography services are on locations.

  • digital photo restoration and retouching - I have many years of experience editing photographic images for print and for web sites. I have used digital imaging methods to restore old photographs that are faded, cracked, crackled, stained. torn or discolored. Digital restoration can take minutes or days depending on the specifications. It often results in miraculous improvements while allowing the source image to remain in its original archived state. My earliest experience in photographic image retouching began with a successful high school prank that achieved comic results in the 1960s, decades before personal computers.

  • digital manipulation - PhotoNuance can modify the actual content of your photographic images. This means that I can change heads, remove unwanted objects, add items, combine elements of multiple images, etc.

  • computerized slide shows - Photo Nuance offers Quicktime slide shows to present your photo collection.

  • videography - Although photography and digital imaging are the main offerings, I also have some background doing video work, mostly noncommercially, especially in the area of filming obscure but talented bands in performance. My approach to video is to capture performances or events from charismatic and multiple perspectives. Videography is offered strictly as a sideline service and does not include editing.

Rates will be outlined in a different section.

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