Photo Art Works

Many PhotoNuance images are offered for sale as print enlargements. A variety of photographic printing methods may be used. Thus prices will vary according to print method and other factors. Some prints may be held in stock. However, custom prints may be ordered only with a suitable down payment. Most print work will be done by contracted third party photographic print specialists. Generally, no digital images, negatives or reproduction rights are provided to photo art patrons.

Prices for images are not yet established. A large print may typically be priced into the hundreds of dollars. Smaller mass reproduction prints may cost less than fifty dollars when made available. PhotoNuance images will generally be marketed as photo art and less often as mass reproductions.

Some images may be offered only as limited editions, especially in the case of finer images and those offered in larger sizes. Limited editions may be priced on a sliding scale of incline offering the best prices to the first buyers. Images of rare composition value may not be available for sale or may command unlimited prices commensurate with the art market.

Some images may be offered matted or matted and framed. But matting and framing are not offered as a service by PhotoNuance because doing actual photography and photographic processing is a high priority. Referals for custom matting and framing are available for those patrons who are in the greater Denver area.

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