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PhotoNuance clients may include private individuals, families, business and commercial concerns. Generally, most transactions are done in two categories, photographic works and custom photography.

Photographic Works
Prints of my existing photography are made available as works. These prints are my personal art activity. They reflect the content and style that is the bulk of my photographic life work. The printing itself is generally done by a third party directly contracted by PhotoNuance. Care is taken to achieve color callibration and quality control. Prints may be placed on sale at art fairs or in art galleries. Generally, print purchases are limited to whatever is being offered at the time. Prints may also be limited to certain sizes. In some cases, only limited editions may be sold. But interested parties are welcome to inquire when seeking a print of any particiular PhotoNuance image.

Custom Photography
PhotoNuance offers custom photographic services to individuals, families, organizations and commercial concerns. For an appropriate fee, a client may direct my work toward their photographic goals. Examples of client photography may include any of the following:

  • creative portraits of individuals, families or groups - on location or studio
  • weddings and engagements
  • special life occasions and events
  • album covers
  • entertainment and theatrical publicity
  • custom art projects
  • model images and head shots
  • architecture, fine estates and gardens
  • commercial advertising
  • products
  • documentaries

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