And Disclaimers
  • Copyright: The republishing of any proprietary images or other content from without express written consent is forbidden and may subject offending parties to civil action for personal and monetary damages. All images used herein are either the property of Photo Nuance or obtained by authorized or fair use means.

  • Celebrity Images: None of the celebrities shown have any relationship or business with Photo Nuance unless specifically indicated. These celebrity images are not for sale.

Privacy Policy, Models and More
We respect your privacy and your wishes.

  • Email and Written Correspondence
    Photo Nuance does not generate spam or junk mail. Photo Nuance does not share email addresses or personal contact info with commercial concerns or spammers nor sell such addresses for any price. In the case of models, we do not publish any contact information without permission of the model.

  • Submitted Photographs and Materials
    Photo Nuance does not share nor sell photo submissions with third parties without the permission of any respective model who may submit a photo for inquiry purposes. Photo Nuance may or may not use model photos on associated web sites if so stated in the modelling agreement where the model has such an agreement on file. Typically such usage would be to promote the model or to promote Photo Nuance. But in general, we offer the model a chance to limit or to specify permissions. Generally, if a prospective model submits photo(s), Photo Nuance will not publish nor use such photo(s) on this web site.

  • Photo Shoots
    Photographic images resulting from Photo Nuance photo sessions become the property of Photo Nuance. We will aspire to document photo permissions in writing early with each model using standard and custom forms preferably before we invest time and skill to develop any portfolio. Photos of models shot in Photo Nuance photo sessions generally have two purposes. They are intended as publicity serving the model whose portfolio may appear on this web site. Secondly, they serve as examples of the photography conducted by Photo Nuance.

  • Model Agreements
    PhotoNuance may use standard photo agreement forms or prepare a custom agreement as desired by the client or model. Gradually we will iron out our own standard form with specific custom options.

  • Verbal versus Written Agreements
    Written agreements shall be regarded as most clear and legally binding. However, we shall endeavor to honor all verbal agreements as well where matters of permissions and privacy are concerned.

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