For Portraits & Modeling

Over the years I have spotted some Denver area locations ideal for photographing ordinary people and models. These places include graveyards, elevators, statues, fountains, parks, flower gardens, architectural scenes, stairways, hotels, railroad tracks, industrial environments, etc. A handful of my location images appear here in order to communicate location concepts with prospective human photo subjects. However, these are just a few and I know of many great locations to shoot around Denver and Boulder.

Denver Art Museum as seen from 14th and Bannock provides surreal and distinctive geometric perspectives.
circa 2002

Denver Botanic Gardens offers a few nice garden environments with benches, ponds and bridges.
The pavillion at Cheesman Park (left) offers classic perspectives and a magnificent view of the Rocky Mountain front range behind the Denver skyline. This part of Cheesman is also a somewhat ethereal place given its high position over the city, its tranquil airy beauty and a feeling of spiritual presence in the light breezes. It was once a cemetery. Remaining body parts from Denver's earliest days have been found still buried in adjacent Botanical Garden as recently as the 1990s. Unlike the dust-choked one way streets of surrounding Capitol Hill, the air here is relatively pure and refreshing.

All photos by PhotoNuance. A lot more locations may be added here soon.

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