Links to Some Favorite Photographers
his page links some of the photographers who have caught my attention over the years. Many of them are famous. Some may be lesser known shooters who I have known or met locally. Like many photographers, I keep scrapbooks of works by other photographers. In fact I have piles of them. Photographers often refer to such scrapbook collections as a "morgue." A photographer from France introduced me the term in the 1990s.

The purpose of a morgue is to provide comparitive example and inspiration. I often show my morgue to a prospective model as a means to plan our work together and establish interests in common. It would be impractical and perhaps objectionable to publish many images from other photographer's portfolios. Instead I offer these direct links as a nexus to some of the photography that I like to view. Thus you have a greater idea of what I like.

Some of the names are not linked yet because this is a new section. Links will be added gradually:

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