What's to Come

For decades, I've written down ideas as to what I will do just in case I have the chance. I've always had a backlog of ideas. And when I did not have the resources to execute big ideas, I simply went to work shooting whatever good subject matter that I could find.

Aesthetic refinement remains a major priority. I feel the need to continue building an archive that will move viewers and endear collectors on a wide scale. But even today, when things are starting to bust loose like never before, I remain focused on expanding my photography, rather than on promoting my huge archive of existing works. I've decided that I will continue shooting more and more pictures while showcasing only the best of them as works for sale to collectors.

My photography will remain diverse. But most importantly, I have a long list of photo art projects that I have wanted to execute for years. I hope to continue expanding my work with aspiring art models and artistic human subjects. I want to continue working with them mainly on location in great urban and rustic environments.

I plan to continue working with photo art nude models, both outside and inside the overworked sensual theme. I have always wanted to work with nude models in a human photojournalism context in urban and industrial environments, in rustic environments and in nature, in airplane junkyards and in places where most people would never expect. I am not very much interested in creating steamy fantasies. I am more interested in creating works with psychological dynamic.

Psychological dynamic will likely be a central theme in most of my art photography. I think that I will always love surrealism and certain veins of pop art. And so I hope to execute some great photo art involving some unusual and contrroversal concepts.

In addition to art photography and human photojournalism, I plan to maintain an interest in nature photography. I want to continue photographing nature as a heavenly environment. I'd like to photograph some of the foggy islands and shores of New England for instance.

New York
I love Colorado and may remain based in greater Denver for a long time. But for over a decade, I've been making plans to work in New York City, assuming that eventually I would be able to afford to work there. Now I am financially capable of moving there immediately. But I am not sure that I would want to endure the high expense of living in a cramped apartment. So I have an immediate plan to begin making exploratory trips to Manhattan while scouting ways to cut costs.

I want to work with models in the urban environment. I also plan to make the city itself my subject material. And I plan to do human photojournalism there. I also plan to do art nudes in unusual New York locations just as I do them in Colorado. And my passion for great urban skylines has long had New York on the agenda.

Amsterdam and France are on my mind. Amsterdam interests me as a cultural center where English is widely spoken. It has an excellent proximity to Paris. I want to photograph old Paris and work with art models in many European environments including castles, among the gargoyles of Notre Dame and some famous cemeteries.

Client Photography
My focus will remain on producing my own prints for collectors. But I am also available for hire to select clients on a limited basis. I'm hoping to work mainly for professional clients in theater, in film and in the fine arts. I want to work with talented actors, models, script writers and film planners especially in specific artistic genres.

Film Avocation
I've been writing down my film plans for decades as well as doing video. Photography experience has deeply inspired my film plans. Composition methods translate from still images to shooting motion pictures. But film is much harder to execute. I am now financially and technically able to enter film work. But it will remain a sideline to photography. My main interest in film will probably be surrealism and "high art".

Vision as Deeper Reality
The dream state is an endangered psychology in a world increasingly focused on meaningless careers, social responsibility and consumerism. I will have no occupational membership in the growing legions of the undead. Life for me is about dreams all day and all night long. Reality as we know it is intolerable. The artist always feels responsible for visualizing and executing a deeper and more psychological reality. That's precisely what photography has always been for me.

I take inspiration from Warhol for his usage of ordinary people as subjects. In that vein, I hope to work up a small army who wants to conquer the inner cerebral dream space in photography and film.

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