Follow the light!

The PhotoNuance mission is to create distinctive photography that will be treasured long into the distant future. Photography is a window to the soul, the mind, the real experience and the imagination. It is tomorrow's historical memory to the here and now. PhotoNuance is devoted to art photography, fine photography and photojournalism, especially human photojournalism.

When shooting any of these subjects, character is almost always the focus. Photography freezes a moment in every character, whether it be that of a person, an animal, a special place, a sky, a precious moment in time, a beam of light or even a consumer product. The character of the subject has usually been the focus in my pictures. It is a worthy goal of any good photographer to bring out the natural and intrinsic character of his subject without pretense or falsehood. This is done both methodically and experimentally.

Light is the greatest metaphor of photography. In physics, the photon is an element of light. In photography, PhotoNuance aims to be the exquisite essence of photographic imagery.

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