An OverView

In practical terms, PhotoNuance is my portfolio. And my portfolio should speak for itself. I think you will find in my work a high aesthetic. In all the many years that I have done photogrphy, my greatest pleasure is just enjoying the pictures that I shoot and letting others share that simple joy. Many of my photographic works are offered for sale as prints. I am also available on a limited basis for clients who want an exceptional photographer.

PhotoNuance is aimed at a discriminating audience that treasures good photography. I want clients who appreciate what goes into good photography. But I will generally present flexible options for clients who cannot afford my normal fees.

How do I rate myself? I think it's better that you let my portfolio do the talking. Lets look at four separate areas:

  • Visual Talent - In terms of the all important "eye", the actual vision and aesthetic process of photography, I would not trade my abilities for anyone's. In the composition experience, the coordination and reflex of shooting, I am usually quite successful. I have total confidence in the quality of my photography, no matter what kind of photography I am doing;

  • Technical Camera Skills - Most pro photographers don't rely on full-manual mode anymore. Today's professional camera's are built with many intelligent technical options. I am pretty good at using most of them. And I usually achieve excellent results;

  • The Digital Darkroom - Professional digital and film photography relies heavily on digital darkroom skills. The leading software of digital darkrooms is Photoshop. I have been using Photoshop since 1992 and using it heavily for most of that time. My Photoshop skills are better than most pro digital photographers. I am good at using dozens of powerful Photoshop features. And I callibrate my system to enable ideal print output;

  • Printmaking - Printmaking has become a fine photographic specialty. Like most professional photographers, I prefer to hire out my high end print work to print specialists. I rely on highly rated photo-printmakers when producing my own works for sale. Clients of my photography service will normally receive output on CD or DVD media in TIFF or JPEG formats ready to be printed by a printmaker of the client's choosing. I can normally offer many referals.

Exquisite visual talent is the most rare photographic gift that a photographer can attain. I offer that rare visual talent shooting film or digital photography. I also have good technical proficiency with cameras and exceptional digital darkroom skills.

You be the judge
Nobody can judge their own work objectively. I prefer selling works or photography service to discriminating clients who find the images in my portfolio to be compelling after seeing the works of many other photographers. It is not in my interest to be ordinary. PhotoNuance is about hot photography.


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