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Clone Page
his is the PhotoNuance clone page.

Stats (per 2006 November 11 Saturday):

  • Most professional web designers design for 800 pixel screen width;

  • Allow 37 pixels for web browser side bars using Explorer as source of measure. That leaves 763 pixels for web page width;

  • Allow 20 pixels on right for 10px right margin and 10px margin of error. That leaves 743 pixels from left baseline. Any web site should be about 753 pixels wide. But the right edge of master cell should be 743 pixels from left baseline of page;

  • Master cell has a setting of zero cell space;

  • PhotoNuance uses 50px left margin due to blue vertical decorative column on the left. That leaves 693 pixels. Thus the spacer bar at bottom of master cell is 693 pixels, which pretty much defines the width of actual text and image content;

  • Top margin: Zero. Setting a top margin does not work when when you click a "Top" button to get to top of page. It leaves no margin. Thus I installed a five pixel invisible spacer at top edge of the header area grid;

  • Must use CSS in near future to make adjustments easier.

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